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Keith Barnacastle - Owner/President


Turnberry Records & Management grew out of my desire to create an environment that would allow musicians and artists to reach new audiences, without standing in the way of their future.

Through online outreach, social media, and in-person meetings at major music events, I encourage the connections between my artists, music venues, and other events.

I hope you will reach out to me soon, so we can discuss your own prospects!

Jeff Brown -Vice President of Records 


The frontman of bluegrass outfit, Jeff Brown and Still Lonesome -- has previous experience on the business end of music as co-owner of the indie Union House Records, through which he recorded a small roster of artists, including Kristi Stanley. After Union House disbanded following loss of a business partner, Brown decided instead of recording his own indie album, he’d instead sign on as a recording artist at Turnberry. Shortly after, he began hosting The Bluegrass Standard Radio Show along with co-host, Leslie Brown. Now, he’s excited to get even more involved with the company, with which he’s had such a good relationship in recent years.

“My vision is to introduce new artists, and also, hopefully, some of the legends in the business may want to come on with us and be a part of the family,”  


Desiring to do more than other labels currently, doing a “hands-on” approach in helping artists succeed and “grow to their potential is the top priority.” 


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