Darren Beachley


//  Origin: Jefferson, Maryland
//  Genres:  Bluegrass
//  Label:  Turnberry Records
//  Website:  www.darrenbeachley.com
//Single: New Ballard Branch
//Songwriter: Eli Johnston & Kevin McKinnon
//ISRC: QZMHE2201000
Short Bio
“New Ballard Branch,” Beachley’s first single from the
album, marks his first solo release in more than a
decade. The single drops exclusively to radio on
Dec. 17.

“Like a lot of bluegrass songs, it’s a love story gone wrong,” Beachley says about the single. “I really like it because the melody line and chord changes are totally different than most things I’ve heard.”

The lead single features a stellar lineup of musicians, Clay Hess (guitar), Alan Bibey (mandolin), Scott Vestal (banjo), Curt Vestal (bass), Steven Burwell (fiddle), and Darren himself on resophonic guitar.

Beachley rose to prominence in the bluegrass sphere when he joined Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver as its lead vocalist and guitarist and toured the globe for four years. Following that stint, he returned home to Maryland and formed Legends of the Potomac, continuing to gain renown for his original songwriting, skilled musicianship, and soaring vocals.

In 2021, Beachley was signed to Turnberry Records, who will produce two solo Americana albums over the next three years.



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