Mike Mitchell


//  Origin: Floyd, VA

//  Genres:  Bluegrass
//  Label:  Turnberry Records
//  Website:  www.mikemitchellmusic.com

//Single: I Hear Banjos

//Songwriter: Mike Mitchell & Echo Valley

//ISRC: QZMHE2203000

Short Bio

With his effortless vocals, distinctive songwriting, and
instrumental prowess, Mike continues to capture
audiences and carve out his own place in bluegrass. 
"I Hear Banjos" was written on a Zoom call, with the
Echo Valley family band from Western Pennsylvania. What started as a songwriting exercise for the siblings, and a fun expressive bit about Mitchell's home in Floyd County Virginia has now became the first single from his upcoming album.

"When we started the write that morning, there was a whole lot of banjo music coming from the room next door to where the other band members were.  I asked them about that, and was told 'its our brother's Banjo Lesson time'," says Mitchell. "So, when the there's two banjos in the room next door, and you can't concentrate about anything else, you write about what you know!"



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