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//  Origin: Siler City, NC

//  Genres:  Bluegrass, Acoustic County & Americana
//  Label:  Turnberry Records
//  Website:

// Single 1: Time (Still On You're Side)

// ISRC: QMHE2100300
// UPC: 760137624028

// Single 2: Jesus Loves You

// ISRC:QM6MZ2074477

// UPC: 760137624028
// Single 3: Horse Thieves & Moonshiners

// ISRC: QM4TX2055606

// UPC: 760137624028

Press Release

This past year has taught us all one thing, how precious TIME really is! Nu-Blu has captured this in this in their new radio single TIME (Still On Your Side). It's a first person warning, direct from Time its self, not to waste even a second.

Produced by Nu-Blu, and recorded at Red Squared Audio in Siler City, NC, this song holds true to the carefully honed sound that Nu-Blu has created over the past 18 years. A true bluegrass tune, showcasing the trademark leads vocals of Carolyn Routh and harmonies of husband Daniel. Add in Austin Hefflefinger on banjo and the new addition of Andrew Dowling on dobro and and they deliver the sure and listen while TIME's Still On Your Side!

Songwriters: Bobby Terry,Kevin Brandt
Publishers: Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP), Jill’s Mad Money Music (ASCAP), Seaspeed Music (BMI), Brandt Songs (BMI), Black Diamond Row (BMI)

Release Date: March 12, 2021

Carolyn Routh – Lead Vocals/Bass
Daniel Routh - Vocals/Guitar
Austin Hefflefinger – Vocals/Banjo
Justin Harrison - Mandolin
Andrew Dowling - Dobro

-Production Credits:
Tracked and Mixed at: Red Squared Audio, NC
Mastered by: Red Squared Audio, NC
Engineered by: Daniel Routh
Executive Producers: Keith Barnacastle, Daniel Routh
Produced by: Nu-Blu
Cover Artwork: Red Squared Entertainment
Photography: Daniel Routh


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