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The lead single "People, Places and Songs" is the perfect kick off to the upcoming album by Greg Blake, title the same. The follow up solo album has been a long time in coming. Between Blake’s busy road schedule with Jeff Scroggins & Colorado and the demand for him to teach at music camps and other side projects, there was no time for the studio. Besides, Blake wanted a “label home” for his second solo project and nothing seemed to be panning out, until Keith Barnacastle and Jeff Brown of Turnberry Records approached Greg with an invitation to join the Turnberry family. The inspiration for an album “concept/theme” came to him early last year, before COVID hit hard. Sharing the concept to good friend and award-winning songwriter, Dawn Kenney, who said “… not only could you build an album around that concept, but People, Places and Songs just kinda sings all by itself!” During the lockdown, they joined forces together to write the song that turned out to be a short synopsis of a portion of Greg's path into music. In the opening verse, homage is paid to Blake’s Appalachian roots as the key initial influence to his musical path. The second verse is a reminder of all the influential experiences and “voices” along the way that kept him from straying from that path. Two of Blake’s heroes and mentors – Claire Lynch and Mark Schatz – join him vocally on one line of the second verse (and on the choruses): I remember all the faces, those who believed in me; AND EVERY VOICE THAT LED TO WHERE I WAS MEANT TO BE … Blake recalls how Claire & Mark have been so supportive and influential with regards to his decision to go full-time in music. After meeting and jamming at Denver’s Midwinter Bluegrass Festival some time back, they were some of the first to affirm and validate that “… we believe you got what it takes to make it in this business, if you have any interest …” This single and half of the rest of the album is another watershed in his career – the emergence of Blake as a writer. And the other cuts are all brand new songs, never before recorded. Hopefully you’ll come to agree with Blake that the makeup of our lives consist of all the People, Places and Songs we encounter along the way … The things that make us who we are And tell us we belong A part of us forever – Rocks we build our lives upon – People, Places and Songs!

Greg Blake "People, Places, & Songs" CD

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